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Secure Facebook with Facemask

Want to collaborate, share and socialize with maximum security using Facebook and iPhone?

Facemask is your solution.

By utilizing asymmetric and symmetric encryption, Facemask is able to create an extra layer of security right on top of your facebook account, protecting you and your business’ privacy.

To use Facemask, it is as simple as downloading the “Facemask” app to your iphone, create a group and invite your friends over. In just few finger taps, you will be sharing messages, photographs, audio, and location right over Facebook under AES 256bit encryption. (Wikipedia says It will take 30,00... and 48 zero’s after that, years to break the encryption http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brute-force_attack).

Let Facemask protect your data and privacy. Share and socialize with confidence.

Own your Data!

Facebook account is required.
Facemask is not affiliated with Facebook in any way
Facebook is a trade-mark of Facebook Inc.
iPhone is a trade-mark of Apple Inc.

How to Use

New Users:

To use Facemask, you will need to have a Facebook account, and grant permissions to Facial Mask Facebook application on your first login. These permissions will only be used to enable secure communications under Facemask. Without granting these permissions, Facemask will not function. (See privacy section below)

To Use:

After you have successfully logged in, you simply need to create a group and start inviting your friends by clicking on the + sign. If your friend have not yet installed Facemask app, you will be prompted to send an email to him/her, you may need to reinvite the person after they install the software. There may be invitations for you already, just click on them to accept. (swipe your fingers across will delete them)

Inside of the group, you can tap on the '+' icon to post, invite, or manage group. Tap on the post will allow you to 'reply' to a posting. Tap and hold on a photo will bring up a zoom in view. Swiping your fingers across your own post will delete them.

To refresh posts or group lists, just pull down. (tap hold and move your finger down)


If you have iCloud enabled, you will have the option of saving your encryption keys in the iCloud. In case you deleted the application, you can still recover the keys. (If keys are not recovered, you will not be able to manage your own groups, and other group owners will need to re-invite you to their groups). Using iCloud you can also share the same services on other iDevice that you own. A passcode will be needed to encrypt your encryption keys, please pick a reasonable one, and do not lose it!

Depend on your security need, backing up to iCloud is optional.


Since facemask is running over Facebook, you may get notifications from Facebook and Facemask for the same message. (Facebook sometimes will notify you in email). In Facebook notification (email, or iphone), just simply tap on the link when you are on the iphone, it will automatically launch Facemask and bring you to the right group.


Facemask server will only store your email address to identify you, this is the only private information about you that we store. We will NOT share this information with anyone. We respect your privacy.

Everything else are encrypted before they are transmited from your phone, in addition to SSL link layer encryption. This means, you and those you gave permission, are the only people who can ever access your data. This is what we call, absolute security, "you own your data!"


In order for anyone to look at your secure conversations, they will need to have access to your facebook account, and your physical phone, together. Some recommendations:

  1. a reasonable password for your Facebook account.
  2. Secure your phone with a passcode
  3. Logoff Facemask when you are not using it
  4. Logoff Facebook when you are not using it

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