For your privacy and freedom, this is Secure Filebox.

With Secure Filebox you can securely store, organize, share files and have secure discussions (beta) behind a wall of encryption.

Secure Filebox is build from ground up with security as our number one priority; utilizing many industry standard encryption technologies, best practices and years of engineering experience, providing security end to end.

Secure Filebox operates on the principle of zero knowledge. Everything in filebox, including keys used in secure messaging are encrypted with your password. That password is stored inside of your brain. Your private encrypted files will be stored local to your device, and message in transit and backups will be encrypted at all times with only the sender and receiver have the key; And that key is only decodable by the password inside of your brain.

We make security simpler for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Universal app, ipad + iphone
  • Build in scanner, camera, voice recorder
  • Build in viewer for everything
  • Build in backup
  • Supports all popular file types
  • Build in Encrypted File Sharing (beta)
  • Build in Encrypted Messenger (beta)
  • AES256bit and RSA encryption end to end
  • Zero Knowledge
  • Import from PC
  • Airdrop support
  • No need to sign up, we don’t need your email!
  • 2 years in operation, 100,000 active users worldwide
  • Active/Agile development
  • We build clean software
  • Use it for your business, Secure FileBox is HIPAA compliant
  • Use it to store your passwords, credit card info
  • Use it to store your travel documents
  • Use it to have a secure conversation
  • Use it to send encrypted files
  • Use it to share private pictures with your loved ones

Our customers say:

  • "highly recommend... provides security for all files you want... never fails!"
  • "Easy to use, very intuitive. Great design best app of its kind out there."
  • "Great value, they do answer my emails!"
  • "Thanks for providing AES256bit encryption, i looked, my files are encrypted!"