Welcome to myPath, a very secure way to record the path of your day. There are stuff that you want to share to the world, and there stuff that you ju st want to keep it to yourself. myPath Secure Diary will ensure the stuff that you are not sharing secure and organized.

  • Take a photo,
  • record a voice memo,
  • tag your location,
  • write something cool down!

  • Organize using tags,
  • see your stuff on a calendar,
  • a map,
  • near you,
  • or a simple search.

myPath’s main interface is simple, you can post pictures, audio, text, map , and comments. Posts can either be stored in the iCloud for sharing betwe en devices, or locally for easy access. Unlike social networks, there is NO myPath server, everything is securely stored in your iCloud account, or locally on your phone, encrypted using YOUR own password.

Everything stored in myPath will be encrypted using military strength AES256bit encryption algorithm; With your own pin/password, you stuff will alwa ys be your stuff.

WARNING, myPath is a very secure diary, so please make sure you remember your passcode/password!

myPath also has the unique ability to add location notification. Say you love a restaurant so much, you took a picture of your favorite dish, and rea lly want to come to the place again next time you are around, so you turn on location notification. Next time you are around the restaurant, myPath will notify you with a beep, and your dish will pop up.

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